Exposition 2.0

Not so long ago we received a message on our Facebook group for my university that they where organising an art exhibition on the 7th of May, that will later on be continued in the school library for an undetermined time. The students who where interested where given the chance to participate, and as I do not turn down an opportunity to exhibit my pictures, I decided to join the « art » people of my school :p

So I sent an email to have more information on how to participate and then send a file with some of my pictures, they made a selection of there favorite ones and I will get the chance to exhibit 10 of them (mostly animals since we are in a vet school) ! I am really excited as it is the 3rd time I get to share my work during an exhibition and I am looking forward to hearing what people think of my pictures !! 😀

You can check below the pictures that have been selected:

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Memories of a Great Journey : Ghana 2012 (2)

About a year ago I left for one of the most amazing trips of my life, and it will be a journey I will remember for a very long time and that I would love to do again.

After 8 hours journey I finally arrived to Ghana, Africa. The most wonderful experience then started. I spent 1 month to gain experience in Veterinary Medecin, but also got the chance to travel around the country.

I stayed in Kumasi. The first day I arrived, I felt a little lost, everything was so different, but after a whole month it felt like a second home. You adapt yourself, learn new things, walk, eat the local food (which is really good), but also learn to live with a local family.

I was taken care by an organisation called Projects Abroad (check there website HERE ). The staff was incredibly friendly and I miss them. They showed me around Kumasi, organised meetings once a week with games, and once even organised a cooking class (Jollof Rice) with all the other volunteers from around the world, which created new friendships.

I lived with a local family which was as amazing as the staff. Everyone was so nice during my stay in Kumasi. One thing they told me was «Chill but don’t freeze». The where welcoming and generous. We would talk about everything, and spend amazing evenings together.

Then I stayed with the staff of the veterinary clinic which taught me new things about the job, and gave me the chance to take care of dogs, and other animals. We had a great time laughing all together, and learning the Azonto fiesta on our free times. I also went once a week in different farms of local people to take care of farm animals (trip organized by the projects abroad staff)

The trips around the country were great, I saw animals that I don’t get the chance to see everyday, taste food and fruits that are delicious and see landscapes that where just magical.

I could talk about this trip for ages, but I will let you see the pictures below and you can check out more pictures here, cause as we say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Enjoy

The Veterinary Medicine Volunteers and Projects Abroad Staff
Projects Abroad Staff
The Family
The Veterinary Clinic Staff