After finally finishing 2 years of torture called IB, finishing 3 weeks of exams, we (class of 2014) all went to Greece for a well deserved vacation. We, more specifically, went to Mykonos and Ios to enjoy the sun, the beach, and of course the partying!

After a few hours in a plane and airport, we finally arrived in Mykonos ! Just in time to enjoy the sea before diner which was just great ! The next day: Tanning and beach time. Sadly, the weather changed very quickly into a storm. Hopefully it was all gone the next day and we where able, once again, to enjoy our vacation.

After 3 days in Mykonos, we took the ferry for the famous party island of Ios. Once we arrived, the hotel staff that is used to receiving the students of our school every year (as the trip to Greece is a tradition after finishing our exams) greeted us, and the party started once everyone was settled in and it lasted 10 days !

But it isn’t the only good thing about Greece! The landscapes are amazing and the view is always beautiful. The village of Mykonos is really nice, and the windmills is something you have to visit! Ios is also really nice as well, but not much to visit. And of course, the food (greek salade, gyros etc) was really delicious ! I keep a wonderful souvenir of this trip, and happily came back with the famous Ios cough (like everyone that left :p ).

Here are a few pictures of my trip as I didn’t really take the time to take a lot of pictures… Hope you enjoy 🙂

IMG_5706 IMG_5641 IMG_5671 IMG_5701 IMG_5673 IMG_5669 IMG_5625 IMG_5693 IMG_5660 IMG_5639 IMG_5619 IMG_5613

Those last few pictures where taken with my phone !

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