Bretagne and Paris

So, once again I went on vacation, but this time with my boyfriend. We had planned this trip a few months ago, and as the trip was getting closer, I couldn’t wait to go for the first time in Bretagne followed by the city of love (city of light): Paris.

We left for 10 days: 7 days in Bretagne, and 3 days in Paris. Our travel itinerary was: Geneva, Nantes, Quimper, Ile Tudy (7 days), Brest, Paris (3 days), Geneva.

It was the very first time I went to Bretagne, and we where very lucky with the weather during our stay. It was very sunny and warm, with a little wind, but it was really great! I was able to take a lot of landscape pictures and a few selfies (but I will not post them ^^). We stayed in a little appartement that was barely 3m of the beach, which was simply paradise ! We enjoyed the weather, went swimming in the sea, walked on the beach and also did a little biking.

After 7 days in Bretagne, we had 5-6h train to Paris, the famous capital of love, the city of light, the Eiffel Tower, « Le Mur des Je T’aime », and all the amazing things this city has to offer.  We where once again very lucky with the weather as it was really sunny and warm, which was really nice ! We did a lot of walking but it didn’t matter because we where in PARIS !

Sadly, every vacation has to end at some point, but I keep the best memories of this trip with my love, and can’t wait for the next trip we will be able to share together !

So here are the pictures I took in order of our stay: Bretagne and then Paris. Hope you enjoy 🙂

IMG_6109 IMG_6221 IMG_6169 IMG_6176 IMG_6166 IMG_6071 IMG_6138 IMG_6207 IMG_6095 IMG_6087 IMG_6043

IMG_6226IMG_6458 IMG_6434 IMG_6330 IMG_6319 IMG_6237 IMG_6445 IMG_6290 IMG_6440 IMG_6232 IMG_6426 IMG_6399 IMG_6350 IMG_6456 IMG_6318