Winter is Here


Hey everyone !

I haven’t been taking to much pictures lately because of the accumulation of school work, but winter is more or less here, and we all started using our big winter jackets, hats and gloves again. The days are shorter, the nights are longer, and the holidays festivals is just up the road, so I will do my best to try and do some new photography very soon.

I personally think that winter is a fascinating season because the weather is more or less unexpected, one day it snows and the other everything is melted, there is a small freezing breeze and the christmas lights start lighting up little by little. It is also a season where you get reunited with your family for a nice christmas eve/day, and about 5 days later you meet up with your closest friends and celebrate on new years eve and/or the new year day by listening to music, having a great dinner, having a drink, and get kissed by the ones you love.

Winter being a difficult season to take pictures, my goal during the vacations (in about 1 month) will be to get my camera out once again and try and capture the wonders of this cold, wonderful season. Personally, since it is a difficult season to capture good pictures because everything looks so similar, I will try do to some research to try and do great winter pictures, whether it is landscapes, macrophotography or even animals !


Phone Pictures

I recently got a new phone (Nokia 920) which (I have to admit) takes amazing pictures !! I normally use the camera of my phone for quick pictures with my friends, but this is the first time I actually use it to take pictures when I do not have my camera with me (which can be most of the time when I go to town or school)

The Nokia 920 is equiped with PureView technology and Carl Zeiss optics which gives the phone such good quality pictures (like the small compact cameras) which is great and very useful especially when you see something and don’t have your camera with you (because it can get pretty big if you take it all the time with you).

Here are the pictures taken and hope you enjoy them 🙂

New Pictures Coming Soon …

Hey Everyone,

Sorry for not updating new pictures recently… I am actually passing my end of years exams and will soon be back with loads of new pictures !! I will have pictures from Thailand coming up end of august, and as soon as my exams are over, I will focus myself a little bit more in fashion photography.

If any ideas for photo-shoots or just pictures in general please leave comments or contact me via Facebook/twitter ! 🙂

Photo Book

Je suis actuellement en train de créer mon premier livre photo !! Pour un total de 36 pages avec les différentes catégories suivantes:

– Animaux

– Paysages

– Fleurs

– Autre

J’espère pouvoir le partager avec vous très bientôt une fois reçu.
Ma photo « From Paris With Love » est en expo dès demain pendant toute la semaine (se référer à expo photo pour l’adresse ) !

Profitez tous 😀

Schoep the dog ♥

Cradle OF Love~

“This is 19-year-old Dog (Schoep) being cradled in his father’s arms in Lake Superior. (Schoep) falls asleep every night when he is carried into the lake. The buoyancy of the water soothes his arthritic bones.


Lake Superior is very warm right now, so the temp of the water is perfect.John rescued Shoep as an 8 month old puppy, and he’s been by his side through many adventures.”

This picture became so famous, that John received a great amout of donations and was able to treat Shoep, who will now be able to live his life normally again ♥